Our Story

Hi There!
I would like to introduce my second album entitled: "Bond Never Broken" - created with the talents and help of some wonderful musician friends: John Campos of OneMindMusicNYC, Rob Napoli, Paul Briscoe, Bennett Sullivan, Thad DeBrock, Meredith Rachel, Christen Marie, and Vinny Corda. The title song, "Bond Never Broken" (a Song for Mothers) commemorates a mother's unconditional love for her children. The "Bond Never Broken - Mother's Day Video" is on You Tube - it was developed by my friend Paul Prepetit. Just search for "Bond Never Broken". The CD Album cover and art direction is by Yuirko Katori.

On  "Leave the World a Little Better Than You Found It", I was blessed with the help of my friends Kevin Kelly, Rob Napoli, John Campos, Joe LaPallo, Rorie Kelly, Vinny Corda, Lori Corda, Delilah Finkley-Acquuah, Robert Nester, Roberto Vazquez, and Ayana Del Valle. Cover art and direction by Amanda Lanzone.

My third album, "Keep Me in Your Heart", is in production now and will be available in the Fall of 2014.

I hope you enjoy the music, and thanks again for stopping by!

Peace and Blessings.
Richard Holley